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Our History

"Making a difference by being there"


INTAG, (Ingol & Tanterton Action Group) a registered charity, was established in 1993 by residents concerned over issues of crime, vandalism, juvenile nuisance and lack of facilities for young people.  In 1995 INTAG received charitable status and are governed by a board of Trustees. The group was based in a rent free building, provided by North British Housing, known as the ‘INTAG Drop-in Centre’ and was situated within the main shopping area of Tanterton.


The Tanterton estate was developed in the late 70’s as part of the central Lancashire New Towns Development. The development of the Tanterton community was seen as an opportunity by families living in deprived area of Preston to step up the social ladder and leave their existing housing problems behind.  The long term effects of this move are the families brought the problems from other estates with them, which resulted in pockets of families that now suffer from the effects of social and economic deprivation.  There was a small pocket of affluence boarding onto the golf course, which diluted the social economic need of the community. The ward, as a whole, was overlooked for development monies, which meant services going to other wards within Preston, clearly identified as ‘deprived’. The centre of Tanterton has a shopping area with a primary school, Chip Shop, Hairdressers, Bakery, a Spar shop a Community Centre at Tanterton, which used to house the INTAG Drop-in Centre. 

Old INTAG Centre


The old village of Ingol, originally the heart of the area, suffered from a severe lack of resources.  The Ingol Youth & Community Centre, was erected way back in the 1980’s and was run by a Board of Trustees. When the National Lottery Charities Board was formed, the trustees from the charity received a grant to develop the building. Over the years the charity members drifted away and it was a constant struggle to continue to obtain funding.  The building became very run down and in the late 1990’s it was vandalised and abandoned. In 2001 INTAG acquired the building and in October 2002, as part of their development plan, completely renovated and refurbished it. This community centre has become the heart of the local community with a variety of activities, services and resources available for local people.

Old Intact centre