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    Volunteer at Intact.

  • Volunteer Celebration

    Volunteer Awards and Celebration.

  • 1-2-1 support

    1-2-1 support to find work.

  • Catering Volunteers

    Paul one of our Catering Champions.

  • Reception Volunteers

    Jane one of our Reception Champions.

  • Learning Volunteers

    Zoe, Marta, Julie and Niomi, some of our Digital Champions and Work Club Champions.

  • Work Club Champion

    Work Club Champions.

  • Mini Mentors

    Some of our fabulous 'Young Leaders' (young volunteers)

  • Digital Champions

    Digital Champions.

Together volunteers can!

Intact has a long history of working with volunteers and are proud to have held the ‘Investor in Volunteers Award’. This award demonstrates Intacts commitment to the development and quality of volunteering opportunities. Intact is currently in the process of renewing this award, so watch this space!

Our simple recruitment system ensures we get the right volunteer for the right role.

The six categories of Volunteering for you to explore include; Catering (Whitby's Café), Centre Support, Reception, Health and Well Being, Digital Champions and Back to Work.

We hold two volunteer forums each year, a volunteer social group and two volunteer celebrations each year. We believe that this is really important to help volunteers get the most out of their volunteering opportunity where they want to stay with us year in and year out. Check out our latest 'Volunteer Celebration'.

People volunteer at Intact for many reasons, such as giving something back to their community; to gain experience for future career prospects; to share their skills and knowledge, and to make friends. Whatever you volunteer for – one thing is guaranteed – you will have a fun and rewarding experience.

So what are you waiting for - get volunteering today, you won’t regret it……

Call into the centre, or download your Volunteers Application Pack.

Volunteering opportunities

Catering Champions (Whitby's Café)

The Catering Volunteer opportunity is a great way to reach the community and to learn how to cater for larger numbers of service users and be at the heart of community activities. If you're not into cooking but want to develop your Customer Service or 'front of house' skills, this could also be for you.

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Centre Support Champions

The Centre Support Volunteering opportunity covers a variety of activities depending on the needs of the centre and the time of year. Things to get involved with include:

  • Gardening.
  • Maintaining the grounds.
  • Up keep of The Centre.
  • Helping out in general.
  • Supporting community events and activities.
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    Reception Champions

    This opportunity is for volunteers who want to get experience on the Intact reception desk. You will also learn a variety of other office and administration duties.

    Volunteers will be our first port of call, meeting and greeting service users and visitors to the centre. Other duties include; answering telephone calls, sending emails, general administration duties and dealing with face to face enquiries.

    Intact need volunteers with good communications and organisational skills and with an ability to be warm, friendly and presentable.

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    Health and Well-being Champions

    This volunteering opportunity is wide and varied, and supports a range of activities to improve the health and well-being of our service users such as:

  • Weight management.
  • Gentle exercise and movement.
  • Meditation and relaxation skills.
  • Healthy lifestyles advice.

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    Digital Champions

    What is a Digital Champion?

    As a UK Online Centre, Digital Champions are an important part of Intact’s “Digital Inclusion project”. As a UK Online Centre which aims to help our service users to access and use the internet and experience the benefits of life online.

    What does a Digital Champion do?

    As a Digital Champion you’ll support service users to learn the basics of computers and the internet in a relaxed, informal environment. You’ll offer advice, information and support to adults who want to get online and learn how to use a computer for the first time, or improve their confidence with the basics. 

    Download a copy of the full Digital Champion role description.

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    Work Club Champions

    What is a Work Club Champion?

    Intact's Work Club is intended to be a support group for unemployed people so they are not isolated in their search for employment. Computers are available for job search, applications and CV writing.

    What does a Work Club Champion?

    Work Club Champions support people to search online for vacancies and complete applications. The Work Club is a supportive environment where people can come to exchange skills, share experiences, find opportunities, make contacts and find out about the support available at Intact and external agencies in their return to work to help them.

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