Thrifty Kitchen

Thrifty Kitchen teaches basic cookery skills to everyone who wants to learn, with no fancy equipment or expensive ingredients required.

We believe everyone can learn new skills with the right help, and we welcome everyone to get involved with cooking, no matter what their experience.

Thrifty Kitchen is a pilot project funded by Preston City Council and the ‘Our Food Co-op’ Legacy Fund. The Project aims to equip people from Preston with a broad range of cooking skills, budgeting information, digital skills, money and time-saving tips and tricks in a friendly, informal and hands-on session to help them get more out of their weekly shop.

The project utilizes food from FareShare, which consists primarily of food that would ordinarily go to waste.

Before lockdown, we held weekly cook-and-eat sessions, where people learned to combine low-cost store-cupboard ingredients to make healthy, well-rounded meals for themselves and their families. Sessions were attended by an intergenerational, international multi-skilled cross-section of the Preston community.

Prior to lockdown the project had exceeded expectations so we took it online.