Whitby’s Pantry

Your Local Community Food Club

“It’s more than just a full tummy, it’s a massive link in the community.”

£5 is all it costs when you pop into Your Local Whitby’s Pantry for a weekly shop.

Join as a member for just £5 a week and access a weekly shop for all your essential food, grocery and toiletry items, worth approximately £25, and check each week for new stock!  Plus all fruit, vegetables and bread are always FREE.

To find out how to become a member call us on 01772 760 760 or pop in and see us.

Opening Times:

Tuesday 9am – 3.00pm

Wednesday 9am – 3.00pm/vc_column_text]


Intact converted its food project into a community pantry, to be run and used by local people. Whitby’s Pantry was officially launched at an event on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

The Pantry is a membership-based food club that enable people to access food at a small fraction of its usual supermarket price. The Intact Centre’s weekly fee is £5 for which members will be able to access approximately £25.00 worth of food, improving household food security and freeing up more money for other essential household costs such as rent and utilities. So far, over 200 members have signed up.

Prior to adapting the Pantry model, Intact had been operating a ‘Community Supermarket’, since the introduction of a Lancashire wide ‘food partnership project’ provided by Lancashire County Council and Recycling lives., Fareshare.

Pantries are sustainable, long-term, community-led solutions that can loosen the grip of food poverty in a particular neighbourhood. They can be part of a progressive journey to help people move beyond food bank use, or can help reduce a family’s need for a food bank.

Intact has provided a valuable service for the past two years, but the pantry approach gives members more choice over the food they get, and more control, strengthening the community’s ability to prevent food poverty or to progress out of food crisis.

Whitby’s Pantry is funded by Reaching Communities (Big Lottery) and is part of our Whitby’s Community Food Hub, alongside Thrifty Kitchen and Whitby’s Homemade.