Dobcroft Nature Reserve

Dobcroft is a 5 acre nature reserve managed by Intact and a fabulous volunteer led, Land Management Team. It is protected due to the rare Great Crested Newt which inhabits this natural haven in the heart of the Ingol community.

Training volunteers to help run the site is a great, valuable resources, so the community can take pride, and ownership of this special place, filled with drama, and unexpected events, watching insects emerge, spotting native British birds, learning about amphibians, and above all learning and respecting nature on our doorstep.

Intact has secured some funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to help start this project, and we have had a very successful first year, recruiting volunteers, having our Heritage Open Day featured in Lancashire Life, as a top 10 must for visitors, pumpkin festivals, training a team of competent volunteers to look after our bees, and the land, which consists of ponds, woodland, and grasslands. Volunteers have built bird boxes and bat boxes, and we aim to advance our project and become more inclusive, running more activities for you to enjoy.

One of our volunteers who became a beginner beekeeper said:

“I never realized how amazing bees were, they are so clever and I have a much deeper appreciation for them, and am so grateful for intact for running this course and having their own apiary, so we can learn as I would never be able to do this at home, as I couldn’t afford it, or have the space for them. Plus having mentors to help learn more each week is really important. Thank you to HLF.”