Eight reasons to volunteer at Intact

Intact’s work in the heart of the community is crucial, and none of it could happen without our dedicated team of volunteers.

Volunteering benefits go both ways – helping others can be the best way to help ourselves.

By volunteering, you’ll meet new people and build new strengths. There are many more reasons to volunteer with Intact and here are eight of them.

1. Meet new people

Volunteering at Intact is a great way to meet some amazing people. People united by a common cause. There are people from all walks of life, including a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, who you might not otherwise get a chance to meet in your professional and social circles. Finding the things you have in common could just surprise you!

2. It’s good for your health

Volunteering is linked to better physical, mental and emotional health. It keeps you in contact with other people. And feeling more socially connected can reduce stress, depression and isolation. And you only need to do what you can.

3. Boost your confidence

As a volunteer, there’s no pressure to have any professional skills. So it’s a great opportunity to try out new things in an environment where help and guidance are always available. Interacting with other volunteers as well as people using our services can help boost your self-confidence. And you can be proud to know you’re helping support your local community.

4. Get professional experience

You don’t need any previous experience to start volunteering but you can gain some experience by volunteering! This valuable professional experience looks great on your CV. You may also, gain accreditation and other training. Volunteering helps to show that you’re truly motivated to help others without a financial incentive. It’s a great sign for any employer.

5. Find a new interest

You might come to Intact with an interest in crafts or games. Or a passion for cooking or IT and leave with an interest in gardening and nature. There’s so much diversity to what we offer and so much knowledge shared between our volunteers. You’re bound to pick up something you didn’t know before.

6. Join our community

Our volunteers are at the heart of our community, a powerful group of people supporting those who need it most. The constant stream of bad news since the pandemic, including the cost of living crisis has affected everyone. But volunteering can help you feel connected with everything that Intact, and all our partners, are doing to make things better as part of a team that’s making it happen.

“Intact helped me integrate into the community when I first moved here. A great place to meet people and socialise. Volunteering gave me a new lease in life after retiring and I get great satisfaction from any help I am able to give to service users and visitors to the Centre.”

7. Make the most of your skills

Our volunteers’ have so much potential and we like to make the most of it, whatever your interests or knowledge! Maybe you have a passion for cooking or love chatting to people. You may even have a passion for the Great Crested Newt or dragonflies. Wherever your strengths and interests lie, we want to help you use your skills and experience to the best of your abilities and the benefit of others.

8. Enjoy yourself and have fun

Volunteers with Intact are highly valued – without you, none of our vital work could take place. We aim to create a welcoming, inclusive and friendly environment for volunteers at the Centre, so you can enjoy your experience, and get the best out of it. We hold regular forums and celebrations.

Find the role that suites you best

Our simple recruitment system ensures we get the right volunteer for the right role and the right role for you. You can give as little or as much time as you like.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities, including:

  • Steering / Focus Groups
  • Digital Support Champions
  • Reception Volunteers
  • Centre Support Volunteers
  • Advice Champions
  • Whitby’s Pantry Volunteers: Pantry Assistant, Stock Assistant, Cashier
  • Whitby’s Food Hub: Catering Assistants, Barista, Cashier
  • Whitby’s Homemade: Catering Assistants; and Food Pick Up Drivers
  • Thrifty Kitchen Volunteers: Cook, Cooking Support, Peer support
  • Garden Volunteers; and
  • Nature Reserve and Land Management Volunteers.

To apply, call into the Centre, or download your Volunteers Application Pack.